zip all files and subfolder in directory without parent directory

I have the following folder structure


I want to zip the content (files and sub folders) of folder without including the root folder in the zip.

I have tried command

zip -r folder

But this includes the root folder. Also tried the following form

zip -j -r folder

But this will flatten all the directory structures and just include the files. How do I preserve the internal directory structure but ignore the parent folder?

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Solution 1

zip stores paths relative to the current directory (when it is invoked), so you need to change that:

(cd folder; zip -r ../ .)

Solution 2

zip -r folder/*

The above command will zip all files and sub folders under folder directory (It will ignore the parent directory for folder)

Solution 3

To add to other answers, for scripts, you could use

pushd folder; zip -r ../ .; popd

pushd changes the directory much like cd, but remembers the previous one, and popd restores the last remembered directory.

In this case it’s equivalent to removing the parentheses (which spawn a new shell) and adding ; cd .. at the end of the command suggested by Stephen.

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