Why does my file have multiple crtime entries?

Using ext4 filesystem I was able to read out the creation time of a file using the approach here. As a result I am indeed provided with a table featuring the crtime (creation time) of the inode(respective file) in question.

What confuses me and to which I could not find an answer in the man debugfs is why it shows me 2 lines with crtime, moreover not even being the same time.

This is the output I get

 $ sudo debugfs -R "stat <274742>" /dev/sda2
debugfs 1.43.1 (08-Jun-2016)
Inode: 274742   Type: regular    Mode:  0644   Flags: 0x80000
Generation: 3666549610    Version: 0x00000000:00000001
User:  1000   Group:  1000   Project:     0   Size: 0
File ACL: 0    Directory ACL: 0
Links: 0   Blockcount: 0
Fragment:  Address: 0    Number: 0    Size: 0
 ctime: 0x57b4c632:1e30ee34 -- Wed Aug 17 22:16:50 2016
 atime: 0x57b4c4c0:afa082b0 -- Wed Aug 17 22:10:40 2016
 mtime: 0x57b4c632:1e30ee34 -- Wed Aug 17 22:16:50 2016
crtime: 0x57b4c4c0:afa082b0 -- Wed Aug 17 22:10:40 2016
crtime: 0x57b4c632:(1e30ee34) -- Wed Aug 17 22:16:50 2016
Size of extra inode fields: 32

Also note that the second (and not realy correct) crtime is in brackets and equals the mtime, since I saved to the file obviously twice.

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Solution 1

This is the result of an editing error in the e2fsprogs patch debugfs: add support to properly set and display extended timestamps. The second crtime: line ought to be dtime:.

if (inode->i_dtime)
  fprintf(out, "%scrtime: 0x%08x:(%08x) -- %s", prefix,
          large_inode->i_dtime, large_inode->i_ctime_extra,

I submitted a bug report.

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