USB storage devices aren't automatically mounted when inserted on a fresh install of Debian 6.0

I installed Debian 6.0 (squeeze) a few days ago on my machine. I installed the default GNOME desktop, standard settings. Unfortunately, I just noticed that when I plug in USB storage devices (external hard drivers, USB sticks, etc.), they don’t get automatically mounted, like they used to (and presumably still should).

I noticed that the usb-storage module wasn’t loaded automatically, either, so no device nodes were getting created either. So, I loaded that module, so at least now the device nodes get created automatically, it’s just a case of mounting them manually. But that’s not the point!

In nautilus’s preferences, I have “Browse media when inserted” checked, (i.e., the default), but just nothing in the UI happens when I insert something. The device never appears in the Computer view.

Watching the kernel logs shows that the insertions are definitely being registered, and after manually loading usb-storage first (what is that about? Why isn’t that happening automatically?), device nodes get created, but that’s it.

So. My question is, from here, how do I go about finding out what’s wrong?

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Solution 1

I’ve fixed this now.

Firstly, I didn’t install squeeze with the default GNOME desktop environment. I mis-remembered. What I did was install the base system, and then install the gnome-desktop-environment package, aiming for a lighter/closer-to-upstream set of packages.

Now, completely unscientifically, I did two things in one go to fix this, so I don’t know for sure which did it. I decided to install Debian’s GNOME desktop task (tasksel install gnome-desktop --new-install). I thought that maybe, somehow, gnome-desktop-environment didn’t pull in the right packages to enable this functionality. In retrospect, I think that’s unlikely.

Next, I restarted the machine. I was sure I had restarted the machine after installing gnome-desktop-environment, but now I think I hadn’t. So presumably, some services weren’t working properly, or something like that.

After restarting, things worked exactly as I wanted – USB storage devices were being mounted automatically, at /media/, which is great.

Solution 2

Run gconf-editor and check the mark against “/desktop/gnome/volume_manager/automount_drives”

It should do the work.

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