tmux: enable mouse only when shift pressed

I’ve tried to set -g mouse on, and it works pretty well, but standard mouse behaviour (select, copy & paste) is disabled. But, it enables if I press “Shift” button, and while I hold it, I can select, copy & paste text from/to terminal. Can I inverse this behaviour? I want to use mouse inside tmux (for example to select panes or resize them) only with shift pressed.

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Solution 1

short: no

long: The behavior is terminal-dependent…

The terminals that you would use tmux on hard-code their behavior to match the behavior of xterm.

While xterm provides a way to assign different actions to different mouse/button/modifier combinations (see Default Key Bindings), it makes assumptions about the use of the shift key as well. The translations resource is flexible in some respects, but does not (aside from the keymap feature introduced in X11R4) provide for changing the translations back/forth as one starts and stops mouse-mode.

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