Script Command without Junk Character

I’m Using Unix script command to record everything which is output to the terminal and place it in a log file. but when I see recorded file, it also include Junk Character.

So how to record terminal activity without Junk Character.

Output Example :
enter image description here

I have tried to convert file to dos using todos, vim and also tried with dos2unix but it skipping file dos2unix: Skipping binary file.

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Solution 1

Not sure if you’ll be able to get rid of those easily. From the script man page:

Certain interactive commands, such as vi(1), create garbage in the
typescript file. Script works best with commands that do not
manipulate the screen, the results are meant to emulate a hardcopy

The above output you’re showing are the escape codes which produce the colored output in your terminal along with what looks to be someone hitting the backspace after making some corrections to typos.

using col

I did find this on SuperUser which makes use of the col command to cleanup the output:

$ col -bp typescript | less -R

If that doesn’t work you can try this variant too:

$ col -bp < typescript


I found this solution on which uses Perl and col together.

$ cat typescript | perl -pe 's/\e([^\[\]]|\[.*?[a-zA-Z]|\].*?\a)//g' \
                 | col -b > typescript-processed


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