Running Commands on Remote Linux Server Using SSH

I am writing a Bash Script wherein I need to run some set of commands on a remote Linux server from my local computer using SSH. I want the results to be displayed on the terminal screen or dump the results in a file on my local system.

How can achieve this? Is the following syntax correct?


ssh <user>@<remote_host> 'COMMAND >> /path/to/file ; scp /path/to/file <user>@<local_host>:<location>; exit'

Thanks in advance.

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Solution 1

To have the results display on the terminal screen:

ssh <user>@<remote_host> COMMAND

To have the results saved to a file:

ssh <user>@<remote_host> COMMAND > FILE

To have the results both displayed on the terminal screen and saved to a file:

ssh <user>@<remote_host> COMMAND | tee FILE

Solution 2

If you do not intervene, stdout will normally appear on the local terminal. It can be saved to a local file as follow:

ssh <user>@<remote_host> COMMAND >my_local_file

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