Need to upgrade svn on centos

I have an error when I run svn up

svn this client is too old to work with working copy…please get a newer subversion client

This is on centos. I need to update svn. How do I do this?

[[email protected] cms]$ sudo yum install
subversion Loaded plugins:
fastestmirror Loading mirror speeds
from cached hostfile * addons: * base: * extras: * updates: Setting up
Install Process Package
already installed and latest version
Nothing to do

yum update does the same thing. Additionally, only one directory is supposedly affected, but deleting this from the repository doesn’t fix the issue.

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Solution 1

RHEL 5.6 has Subversion 1.6 in it (from 1.4 in 5.5), so as soon as CentOS has released the RHEL5.6 package it’ll just automatically upgrade. If you can’t wait, then you can rebuild your own package from Red Hat’s source package.

Solution 2

Try to search in for “subversion-1.5” if that’s what you need or just change it to “subversion-1.6” if in case you need that version limiting your search to “Centos 5” or “RHEL 5” and download the rpm that corresponds to your machine.

Install it via rpm as follows:

rpm -i subversion-package-name-here.rpm

If it says it conflicts with your existing subversion, check for the name of your existing subversion:

rpm -qa| grep subversion

and use the result for uninstalling the old package:

rpm -e subversion-old-package.bhabha

Then go back to installing the rpm as I detailed above.

Solution 3 also has the latest RPMs (no rebuilding needed) for CentOS 4 and 5 which is what I’ve always used. via

Solution 4

Probably apt or something along those lines could update it. I’m not familiar with the package manager on CentOS.

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