Is there an equivalent to whitespace-mode in emacs for vim?

Is there a way I can see spaces and tabs wonderfully visualized in vim, like I can in emacs by toggling whitespace-mode?

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Solution 1

:set list

This will show you whitespace characters like tabs and EoLs. It won’t show spaces, however; to my knowledge that’s not possible (except for non-breaking and trailing spaces), although in a monospace font any “space” that’s not a tab would obviously be a space.

You can change the characters vim uses with the listchars option; type :help listchars to learn more about how to use that and what your options are.

This is what I use in my .vimrc file:

" Set some nice character listings, then activate list
execute 'set listchars+=tab:\ ' . nr2char(187)
execute 'set listchars+=eol:' . nr2char(183)
set list

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