How to disable the beep sound system-wide

If I want to disable beep sounds from stuff like bash, I add this line to “/etc/inputrc“:

set bell-style none

Sadly, this doesn’t work for some other events like GDM start-up and shut down. I thought that adding this line to “/etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf” would help:

blacklist pcspkr

That makes me wonder and doubt where the sound actually comes from.

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Solution 1

Solution for GNOME 2 (Debian 6):

I tried one more thing… System -> Preferences -> Sound. This brings up the Volume Control application:

How to disable the beep sound system-wide

From there I click on Preferences which brings up another window. I then click on Beep, and that mutes window thus:

How to disable the beep sound system-wide

I then proceed to clicking on the speaker icon on PCM column, after which I become happy.

Solution for GNOME 3 (Debian 7):

Edit /etc/gdm3/greeter.gsettings such that you have this entry:

# Disabling sound in the greeter

You’ll probably just have to uncomment the 2 lines. Note that I can’t find a way to do something like this as normal user. I guess GNOME 3 killed some configurability.

Solution 2

Gnome Shell (3.22) and Debian 9 (stretch)

Just go to SoundSound Effects and turn off the Alert volume like shown below:

How to disable the beep sound system-wide

Solution 3

a solution i found to disable system beeps in xorg in general (when my DE settings were all already set to no beeps but i was still getting beeps) was to run xset b off. you can add this to your init file, ie ~/.xsessionrc or ~/.profile or ~/.bashrc). you can check it worked with xset q | grep bell.


Solution 4

Solution for LXDE:

vim $HOME/.config/autostart/LXinput-setup.desktop


Exec=sh -c 'xset m 20/10 10 r rate 500 30 b on'


Exec=sh -c 'xset m 20/10 10 r rate 500 30 b off'

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