How can I create a function in zsh that calls an existing command with the same name?

How can I write a function in zsh that invokes an existing command with the same name as the function itself? For example, I’ve tried this to illustrate my question:

function ls 
    ls -l $1 $2 $3

When I execute it with ls * I get the following:

ls:1: maximum nested function level reached

I assume this is because the function is being called recursively. How I can avoid that?

This is a crude example, and in this case an alias would do the job, but I have a more complex example where an alias isn’t suitable and so I would need to write a function.

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Solution 1

What is happening is that you are recursively calling your ls function. In order to use the binary, you can use ZSH’s command builtin.

function ls {
    command ls -l "[email protected]"

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