GTK Frontend for locate

I am a heavy user of the locate tool, which is part of the findutils package. It’s fine to use it on command line, but sometimes I would also like to search for a file (as fast as with locate) within my Xfce 4.10 desktop.

Is there any nice GTK frontend (or a panel applet) for the locate command?

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The one that I’m most familiar with is called catfish. It’s generally in most of the standard distros’ repos. The main website is here, titled: Catfish is a versatile file searching tool.. The project’s Launchpad site is another additional resource if needed.

excerpt from website

Catfish is a search GUI powered by locate and find behind the scenes, with autocompletion from Zeitgeist and locate. The advanced options allow filtering by date and file type. The interface is intentionally lightweight and simple, using only GTK+.



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Advanced filtering

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