Compile a program without sudo access

I am connected to a linux system with SSH in my college. I found that ctorrent is a console alternative of bitorrent. I have downloaded the tar.gz source but to compile/install it needs sudo access

Is there a way to install the program without sudo access?

I don’t know a lot about linux and cannot make this answer work with ctorrent.

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Solution 1

you can install it locally in your home directory. Ususally it can be done by specifying the parameter prefix for configure script.
For example,

./configure --prefix=$HOME

So, when you compile sources configured in such way, then you will call

make install

the binaries will install into you $HOME/bin
Also, you should alternate PATH variable.
You can do this in $HOME/.bashrc in next way

export PATH=$HOME/bin:$PATH

Anyway, if your sources don’t have usual build system – you can just compile it, manually put in $HOME/bin and alternate PATH variable (to make it available without specifying the full path to binary).

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