What default fonts are used?

I was wondering what fonts are used in Ubuntu 11.10 and are they open source? The fonts used in Ubuntu have very cute Armenian character support, that’s why I would like to know them, so I can install them on my Symbian smartphone whose fonts do not have Armenian character supprt.

EDIT: I would love to get additional information. In Firefox web browser the Armenian characters are displayed properly, and I would to know exactly which one of the fonts is the one used in Firefox as there are a lot of fonts in the downloaded archive. –

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Ubuntu uses the Ubuntu font family for its default fonts. The Ubuntu font is used for the desktop, while the terminal uses Ubuntu Mono.

You can see more about the fonts and download them here.

The Ubuntu fonts are distributed under the Ubuntu Font license, which is indeed open source.

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You can also find them on Font Squirrel and Google Fonts (Condensed and Mono) to embed them via CSS in websites.

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