Wasted screen space due to multiple horizontal bars at the top when an application is open in GNOME desktop

Just moved from Unity to GNOME with the update to Ubuntu 17.10.
There is a HUGE amount of wasted space at the top of the screen, when an application is open.

Evolution and Firefox both have four “bars” with 90% of each empty. Unity, to its credit was able to blend / mix these horizontal bars so there was only one / two.

Four is way too much. If this is GNOME I may carry on with Unity for the next six months.

Can anybody suggest a tweak/change/fix for this?

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Solution 1

You may try one of following GNOME Shell extensions to get rid of the title-bar of a maximised window:

  • No Title Bar (an actively maintained fork of Pixel Saver with customisation options)

    No Title Bar removes the title bar, moves the window title and buttons to the top panel.

  • Pixel Saver

    Pixel Saver is designed to save pixel by fusing activity bar and title bar in a natural way.

    Note that Pixel Saver is not actively maintained anymore, therefore has a lot of unresolved issues like this one and doesn’t offer any customisation options.

Other similar extensions (including forks):

You can even go further and hide the top bar following this answer by solsTiCe from this Q&A: Auto hiding top panel in 17.10 GNOME 3.26.1.

Also, you may move the menu bar from an application window to the top-bar (“Activities bar”) following this Q&A: Ubuntu 17.10 windows' menu in panel.

Solution 2

I prefer the Unite GNOME Shell Extension. It manages to integrate far more application windows into the top bar than No Title Bar or Pixel Saver does.

Solution 3

I recommend going back to Unity

$ sudo apt update
$ sudo apt install ubuntu-unity-desktop

Choose ligthdm

However I have the feeling that some information is not available in unity.

On gnome I did see many things under power setting :/

Solution 4

In answer to the questions “what did I do….?”, in the end, I went back to Unity and actually took the opportunity to start again with a fresh install of 16.04LTS; including of course Unity.
Happy as a sandpiper.

Solution 5

If you’re using an app in full screen and need more screen space, You can just use the F11 function key and all that wasted space can be reclaimed.
If you’re F11 is bound to something like controlling volume, you should use function key + F11.

Solution 6

Yes, you can force app titles into the top bar with extensions like this one https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/2015/no-title-bar-forked/

But I prefer doing these changes:

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