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I’m sorry if this has already been asked, I did do some searching and didn’t find it.
However a number of questions, I have just installed the latest Ubuntu touch, on a nexus 5, and was going to have a play with the terminal etc.

1) I notice the presence of apt-get, however when I try apt-get install telnet (so I can connect to an IRC) I get Unable to write to /var/cache/apt and The Package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened.

2) Is it possible to add other PPA’s to my phone, and install normal Ubuntu packages(obviously within reason, things such as for example Apache, nmap, or console programs).

3) I see it has dpkg, what debs are supported, that i can install on here? Or would it be anything console, that the hardware supports?

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Solution 1

From Installing Ubuntu on devices:

Enabling read-write mode

By default the system is read-only. You can switch to read-write mode,
although this disables Ubuntu system upgrades. The main purpose for
this is developing the Ubuntu system directly. This is not required
for developing apps or using the system normally. Recovering from
read-write mode is possible but requires reinstalling the system from

Warning: Switching a device to read-write mode (and/or recovering from
it) is an advanced feature and may result in complete data loss.

Warning: Switching a device to read-write mode disables automatic
over-the-air updates.

Install on your host system the phablet-tools package:

sudo apt-get install phablet-tools

And type the following command:

phablet-config writable-image

The system will reboot in read-write mode, but even if you’ll be able to use apt-get or set up a PPA, only packages built for armhf will be installable.

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