Quickly place a window to another screen using only the keyboard

I know that using Alt+F7, I can use the keyboard to move the window around. I can also use the “Grid” plugin of Compiz to position quickly the window around my current monitor. The grid plugin doesn’t seem work across monitor however.

What I need is a quicker way to move the current window to the other screen. In my current dual-monitor setup, I find myself needing to move the focus window to the other monitor as I focus on working on something else (and move it back afterward).

If I use XMonad (or other tiling managers), this would be rather easy. However, many applications that I use (Gnome Do, MATLAB, image viewers, custom apps that I write, …) do not work well with a tiling manager.

So my question is: is there a shortcut key combination that moves the currently focused window to the other monitor (and back)?

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Solution 1

  1. Install CompizConfig Settings Manager Install compizconfig-settings-manager

    sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager
  2. Run CCSM → Go to bottom (Window Management) → Go to “Put.”

  3. Enable the plugin.
  4. Configure shortcut for “Put to next Output.”
  5. Log out and back in again.

If the plugin put doesn’t appear in CCSM, install the compiz-plugins Install compiz-plugins package. (sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install compiz-plugins)

EDIT: The required plugin package is now called compiz-plugins on 12.10 and higher. compiz-plugins-extra Install compiz-plugins-extra is still used for 12.04.

Solution 2

I like Put to next Output with Ctrl + Alt + n

enjoy it!

Quickly place a window to another screen using only the keyboard
Put at CCSM.

Quickly place a window to another screen using only the keyboard
Put to Next Output

Solution 3

On my machine (CentOS Linux 7) it worked out of the box:
Use window key+shift+arrows this will move window quickly between monitors
Works on maximized as well as non maximized windows.

Solution 4

Alt+Ctrl + NumLeft/NumRight

for minimised window only (!) I found today in Gnome 3 @ Ubuntu 14.04.

i.e., if you wan to move maximized window, you may

‘Win + DownArrow’, ‘Alt+Ctrl+ NumLeft/NumRight’, ‘Win + UpArrow’

or try to bind it..

Solution 5

After installing compizconfig-settings-manager → Run it → Go to bottom (Window Management) → Go to “Put.”

Then you should try “Put within viewport” and “Put Left/Put Right”. If the window is not on the edge of the screen needs double “right/left” to switch over screens. By default is with super+Numpad-Arrows.

Solution 6

After install CCSM, to add “put” option, you must install too :

sudo apt-get install compiz-plugins-extra

Solution 7

Addendum: If the solution with Put plugin doesn’t work.

Try to disable some features you don’t use that may interfere. I left only Put To Next Output enabled and it started to work.

Solution 8

Disable the features in “Grid” plugin on ccsm, logoff/logon, and enable the “put” plugin with combination keys that you want. Works for me (ubuntu 16.04).

I enable some features in both plugin because I wanted move windows between monitors (using features on put), but I wanted keep the feature that resize the window by half of width of the current monitor (using features on grid).

Solution 9

Right click on the top of the window on the bar and a drop down appeared for me with the option of moving the window.

Solution 10

Press Alt + Space on an active window then select “Move to Monitor Right”

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