"Not a COM32R image" error when trying to install from a USB key

Not a COM32R image

is a message that the console infinitely keeps spitting out when I try to install Ubuntu 10.04 from a USB. I created the USB using the StartupDiskCreator in 11.04.

What is the reason for this behavior? What do I do to set it right?

I have followed the steps perfectly, as enlisted in the Ubuntu Install from USB page.

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Solution 1

A quick/dirty way to solve this issue is to press TAB, the computer will provide a text menu with your options, i.e. live live-install test etc.

Now just type the option you want, i.e. live Enter. This will boot it as a Live CD [sic], and then continue installation from there.

Solution 2

I just ran into the exact same problem. I followed the answer posted by ‘Lelouch Lamperouge’ and can make one small change, I did not have the ‘live’ command or option to boot from, but instead where it said boot: I typed install and hit enter

This started the installer normally and I did not have any further problems.

I’m not sure why this comes up, I can imagine it is a problem with how the bootloader is installed (but I could be wrong). Either way this worked for me. Good Luck!

Solution 3

Im not an expert in anyway but….i do make USB boot drives for my company, what i use is


you can find it in the software center or looking for it on Google. Also make sure to download an official .ISO from www.ubuntu.com

The reason i use Unetbootin/the startup disk creator is cause i have noticed that certain computers have issues with the startup disk creator’s way of preparing the usb drive.

Solution 4

I had the same problem when making a boot image on windows for an ovm 3.03 install using Unetbootin. I switched to Universal-USB-Installer- and scrolled all the way to the bottom of the linux distro pulldown and selected the “old syslinux” option. Worked like a charm.

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