No man-page or info-page for type command

I tried to find information about type command using man pages and info

$ man type 
No manual entry for type
info type

I think this is info menu page.
info return

Is it just happening to me?? Why did Ubuntu developers remove type command manual page. Did they ever make a manual page for type command?

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Solution 1

If you enter type type you find that

type is a shell builtin

So its documentation is in man bash. You can’t get the instructions from man type but you can instead get them from (many thanks to @Rinzwind ) help type and in the same format as a man page with the -m option and by piping the output into less

help -m type | less

man bash is very long, and may be easier to read here, specifically the section on bash builtin commands.

Here is the entry for type, which tells us what kind of command a command is:


type [-afptP] [name …]

For each name, indicate how it would be interpreted if used as a command name.
If the -t option is used, type prints a single word which is one of >‘alias’, ‘function’, ‘builtin’, ‘file’ or ‘keyword’, if name is an
alias, shell function, shell builtin, disk file, or shell reserved
word, respectively. If the name is not found, then nothing is printed,
and type returns a failure status.

If the -p option is used, type either returns the name of the disk file that would be executed, or nothing if -t would not return ‘file’.

The -P option forces a path search for each name, even if -t would not return ‘file’.

If a command is hashed, -p and -P print the hashed value, which is not necessarily the file that appears first in $PATH.

If the -a option is used, type returns all of the places that contain an executable named file. This includes aliases and functions,
if and only if the -p option is not also used.

If the -f option is used, type does not attempt to find shell functions, as with the command builtin.

The return status is zero if all of the names are found, non-zero if any are not found.


$ type echo
echo is a shell builtin
$ type ls
ls is aliased to `ls --color=auto'
$ type sort
sort is /usr/bin/sort
$ type python
python is hashed (/usr/bin/python)

This answer gives a really clever way to make the man command work for shell builtin commands by adding a function to your ~/.bashrc

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