Is there any simple way to access installed programs?

Just installed Ubuntu for the first time… Is there any simple way to browse installed programs?

On Mac there is the Applications top-level folder… here I see Desktop, Documents, Downloads etc but no Apps? That’d be a good idea, no? (is there some way to create this myself?)

On Windows there is the Start menu…

Here it seems like I have to click the ‘Dash Home’ and then I can see ‘Recent Apps’ … I can search for them (I’d rather not)

…or I can click the ruler/pencil icon at the bottom and see ‘Recent Apps’ and click to expand ‘Installed Apps’ …ok that’s all of them – is it possible to get a straight list view instead of the hard-to-scan wrapped rows?

Also, is there any way to get rid of the pointless random selection of ‘Apps available for download’ at the bottom?

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Solution 1

ClassicMenu Indicator will do the job!

enter image description here

  • To install it, open a terminal with Ctrl+Alt+T, and type:

    sudo add-apt-repository -y ppa:diesch/testing
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install -y classicmenu-indicator

Solution 2

Just like “Applications” on the Mac, you could browse “/usr/share/applications”

The best way to get there is open “Home Folder” or “Files” from the dash, press ‘/’ and type ‘/usr/share/applications’. I guess you could make a bookmark there by pressing ctrl-D.

Content of /usr/share/applications

Solution 3

This is something way too easy,i do not undestand what is difficult for you to find.

For Gnome:

Applications -> All your software seperated in categories

System – > System tools

Places -> Folders

enter image description here

For Unity:

Click on “Dash Home” at the top left corner of the sidepanel:
enter image description here

Then search for the program you want to open:

enter image description here

Solution 4

When you click the ruler/pencil icon at the bottom and see ‘Recent Apps‘ pay attention to the ‘Filter Results‘ menu. It is right after the ‘Search Applications‘ field.

I guess it is exactly what you need.

Solution 5

I think you can hide apps for download by expanding the Filter options and choosing “Local” as the only app source.

Solution 6

Open Ubuntu Software Centre, then click Installed

Solution 7

Just go to the Ubuntu Software Center and download the classic menu indicator it will appear on your side bar. Click on it and it will appear on the top bar.

Solution 8

For me Synapse is the best solution to open programs quickly. Works pressing Ctrl+Space and writing the name program what you want to open, like on the image:

Synapse opening Firefox

To install follow this steps:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:synapse-core/pp
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install synapse

To auto-start the program when Ubuntu start, go to preferences and activate the option.

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