Is there a program like Microsoft Paint?

Greetings, I’m slowly getting used to Ubuntu; for I’ve been a Windows user as long as I’ve used any computer. I’m hoping someone can suggest a good graphics software.

I’m simply looking for one that works close to Microsoft Paint.
Does Ubuntu offer anything like it?

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Solution 1

The closest MS Paint clone is Pinta. I regard it as vastly superior to MS Paint, but it retains its simplicity.

Is there a program like Microsoft Paint?

Is there a program like Microsoft Paint?


On latest Ubuntu, you have to update permissions to avoid crash.Is there a program like Microsoft Paint?

  1. Launch permission window from Software.
  2. Enable the last permission
    "Read/Write files on removable storage devices."

Solution 2

For a basic MS Paint clone I would also suggest xpaint and kolourpaint. Both are available on the Software Centre.



Solution 3

There is also Gnome Paint.


Install via the software center

Solution 4

mtPaint is a lightweight equivalent of Microsoft Paint. It is lighter (requires only 1 MB to install because it depends on GTK which Ubuntu has out-of-the-box) than Pinta, which needs 20 MB disc space on a standard Ubuntu install because of the Mono dependency.

mtPaint is documented, unlike Pinta: mtPaint handbook

Solution 5

Ubuntu has gimp in the repository. It is far more powerful than paint, but you needn’t use all functions. You just need an good introduction.

At Meet the Gimp there are many, many comfortable video-tutorials. It isn’t easy to not get lost in the big number of options with gimp, but sooner or later you need more, than some simple program is offering. So it might be more easy to learn one program in depth, than first an easy one, and then the more complicated one too.

Solution 6

Look at shutter, the feature rich screenshot tool. In Microsoft App terms, it is actually a combination of the snipping tool and ms paint.

It captures screenshots, but it also has an edit mode for the screenshots (or some file you can load from your hard drive) with some basic drawing tools, which are well thought-out and quite usable for inserting arrows and numbers into images, cropping, etc. Things you do to images to cut +paste them into presentations, after editing.

Update 2021: These days, I would install Shutter from Snapcraft

Solution 7

It isn’t Paint exactly but I really like Inkscape. It is a vector graphics editor.

Maybe that is more than you want.

Its also in the repository

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