Is it good to install Windows after or before Ubuntu?

Actually, I am using Ubuntu system and I want to install Windows. So which one is better? Installing Ubuntu before windows or windows before installing Ubuntu? Can you please clarify which method works?

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Solution 1

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When running a dual boot environment, a boot loader has to show you the operating systems installed and let you select which one you want to boot. The Ubuntu boot loader, GRUB, is capable of doing this, while the one of Windows is not.

Therefore, it is easier to first install Windows und Ubuntu afterwards. The Ubuntu installer will offer you to install Ubuntu beside Windows and will take care of everything. It’s easy and the standard procedure.

Nevertheless, the other way round is possible, too. But the Windows bootloader will override GRUB. Because of that you’ll have to reinstall GRUB. This can for example be achieved by booting a live system and running boot-repair.

Solution 2

If you want to keep both in dual boot you should install first Windows then Ubuntu because if you do it reverse Windows boot loader with erase Grub boot loader and then you need to reinstall to get access to Ubuntu.

Solution 3

First install Windows, then install Linux.

Linux installation could overwrite windows bootloader in MBR (or could leave it untouched if you wish so), and Linux bootloader could boot both windows and linux.

Solution 4

The bottom line, is that Windows is not known for “playing well with others.” Therefore, it is typically easier to install Windows first, and then Ubuntu (Linux). This way, GRUB will search for (and find) your Windows partition, and list it as a boot option on your GRUB menu.

If you install Ubuntu first and then Windows, the Windows boot loader will replace GRUB. Additionally, it will not look for other operating systems to boot into (by design, perhaps?). Regardless of how you choose to solve that (adding Ubuntu to the Windows boot loader, or replacing it with GRUB) you will have additional work to do by installing Windows last.

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