If I delete a Windows Drive, Can I use that space to Install Ubuntu?

I current have Ubuntu Installed using Wubi under C:/ drive. Im on Ubuntu 11.10. Im planning a full reinstall of Ubuntu 12.04, but this time without Wubi.

I want to install Ubuntu on a Single Drive, like D:/ or G:/

Can I do that ? If I delete and make some unallocated space can I use that to Install Ubuntu ?

More Info :

Five Partitions

C: 135

D: 50

E: 50

F: 180

G: 50

Gparted shows I have Primary ntfs 135 and other 330 as extended.

I have Windows 7 x64

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Solution 1

You can install ubuntu on any partition. I don’t see the actual meaning of your question though. If you are afraid that while installing ubuntu it will wipe out your entire Hard disk, then no. It won’t wipe out your entire hard disk unless you select the option “Use the complete hard disk for installation” during the installation steps of ubuntu.

You can make some unallocated space (keep in mind that your hard disk can have only four primary partitions. So if there are already four, make this unallocated space within the extended partition) and install ubuntu there. Attaching an image of my hard disk:

enter image description here

Solution 2

Yes; You can made it in the installation process. When prompted to choose how do you want to install Ubuntu, choose manually and repartition your disks as you want.

IMPORTANT: Do backup of important data first anyway!

Solution 3

Just run the installation from an Ubuntu CD or DVD, and follow the on-screen instructions. You will see an option to install Ubuntu alongside Windows — choose that option and Ubuntu should automatically choose the partition for you and install Ubuntu on it.
(This assumes you have already deleted the partions so that they show up as unallocated space in gparted.)

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