How to set an icon for Eclipse?

I want to set icon for Launcher. it has file named icon.xpm, but its being ignored by the icon set wizard. I tried to change it to .ico file, but it is still getting ignore.
any ideas?

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Solution 1

I added the icon to /usr/share/pixmaps , but the name of the icon was not eclipse.xpm instead it was icon.xpm

In the terminal:

cp /yourEclipseFolder/icon.xpm /usr/share/pixmaps/eclipse.xpm

Solution 2

If eclipse is installed from software center (version 3.5.2) copies of the eclipse icon are put into following places:

  • /usr/share/icons/hicolor/16x16/apps/eclipse.png
  • /usr/share/icons/hicolor/32x32/apps/eclipse.png
  • /usr/share/icons/hicolor/48x48/apps/eclipse.png
  • /usr/share/pixmaps/eclipse.png

Maybe copying the icon in this places (with the right size) solves your issue.

Solution 3

Go to terminal and type sudo leafpad /usr/share/applications/eclipse.desktop, then edit the file to replace path_to/icon.xpm in the following example with the file path to your icon:

[Desktop Entry]
Comment=Eclipse IDE

For example, mine is /usr/lib/eclipse/icon.xpm.

Solution 4

I copied




(having extracted eclipse into /opt) and both launcher and desktop eclipse icons reappeared (having mysteriously disappeared).

Note: I had also copied all the sizes as recommended above but it wasn’t until I copied into /usr/share/pixmaps that the icon appeared

Solution 5

I just had this problem with another program, I placed the .png files in the icon folders:


But still had no icon, then I put one in


Suddenly it worked. The pixmap is the key.

Solution 6

Everything seemed correct in my case, but none of the suggested solutions worked for me, the icon wouldn’t become visible in the launcher.

Then I simply removed the comment next to the Icon-line in the eclipse.desktop file and voila! it worked 🙂

So, my suggestion is, if there is a comment in your Icon-line like:

Icon=/opt/eclipse/icon.xpm # fill in path to logo

then remove the comment so it looks like:


I don’t know why the comments work for the other lines (e.g. in the Exec-line it works). Maybe a bug.

hope it helps someone!

Solution 7

Just copy the icon to


folder and it should work. Copying eclipse.xpm to ~/.icon folder worked for me.

Solution 8

Simply, rename icon.xpm to icon.jpg inside the eclipse folder no matter where it is. Now try.

For more details go through the following note :-

  1. First, search alacarte aka Main Menu on Dash.

    You will see a list of applications and checked Items.

    Go to New Item, fill as follows –

            Name: Eclipse                         #of your choice
            Command: /home/leo/Downloads/eclipse         
            Comment:                             #as you wish   

Set path to the eclipse directory where you have it extracted.

Mine is inside Downloads.

  1. Now, you see an icon there itself. Click it and select icon.jpg inside your eclipse folder. (You need to browse through)

  2. Now search for eclipse and you will see that on Dash with the desired icon and you can pin it to Launcher or have it on Desktop.

Dash -> Main Menu -> New Item -> Fill up Name, Command and Comment and click on icon -> browse and select icon.jpg-> close window

Have fun!

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