How to prevent unnecessary updates

Update manager keeps wanting to install updates for LP-PPA-libreoffice / office productivity suite language packages

Afrikaans Assamese Bengali Breton ............. Zulu

I deactivate each language that I dont need in the click box, but they come back again the next day

How do I instruct Update Manager that the only languages that I need are Luxembourgish, German, French and English?

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Solution 1

A package only gets updates if it is installed, so if the languages are updated, they must be installed somehow. To manage installed packages in a detailed way, Synaptic is a convenient tool. You can install Synaptic from the Software Center (or by the command sudo apt-get install synaptic). Then, in Synaptic, search for the packages and remove them if you are sure you don’t need them.

Keeping the current version of a package

You can also tell update manager to keep the current version of a package if for some reason you’d prefer that, or if you are unsure. To do that, select the package you’d like to "fixate", choose "Package" from the menu, in the dropdown menu "Force version".

How to prevent unnecessary updates

See also this link to hold packages of a certain version (especially the "Introduction to Holding Packages" – section)

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