How to open "Trash" through terminal?

I tried opening Trash by running the command nautilus, but it gives me an error.

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Solution 1

The trash folder should be located under:


So you should be able to access it via:

cd ~/.local/share/Trash

The folder might not exist unless you delete something from the filesystem. In this case you would run into an error (saying that the folder does not exist).

Solution 2

If you want to open Trash using Nautilus run the following:

nautilus trash://

Solution 3

For Ubuntu 18.04 and newer, use gio. For older versions, use gvfs-ls and gvfs-trash.

To read the trash:

gio list trash://
gvfs-ls trash://

To send files or directories to the trash:

gio trash [FILE or DIR]
gvfs-trash [FILE or DIR]

To empty it:

gio trash --empty
gvfs-trash --empty

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