How do I connect to an SMB share requiring a user name and password?

I have a samba share on my LAN that requires a username and password to obtain write access (otherwise it defaults to read-only).

I can’t figure out where in the Unity desktop I can connect to the share and be prompted for my login credentials. I can mount the drive, of course, but then I’m browsing as a guest (read-only).

What gives?

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Solution 1

In top menu of the file browser click Go>Location and enter smb://[email protected]/sharename.
You will then be prompted to enter a password.

Solution 2

If you have a Guest account without a password:


If you have a user account with a password:

smb://user_name:[email protected]_name

If you have a user account but only want to be prompted for the password:


Solution 3

In ubuntu 15.04, you can open the file server, and use the connect to the server option on the bottom left

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