How can I remap the Caps Lock key to be Shift Lock?

I would like Caps Lock to behave as if it were Shift Lock – so when you have Shift Lock on and press 1, it gives !. I am using GNOME, but if I can use a package for another DE on GNOME, I’m happy to hear!

Is this possible?

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Solution 1

In Gnome, you can change Caps Lock beavior in Gnome-Tweak-tool, then Typing:

enter image description here

Unfortunately, due to a bug/misfeature, the descriptions are hardly readable (they are truncated too short). You should match that with the full descriptions in /usr/share/X11/xkb/rules/evdev.lst — this seems the one you want:

 caps:shiftlock       Caps Lock toggles ShiftLock (affects all keys)

Just select a couple of them until you get what you want.

Solution 2

Yes, in KDE at least, this is easily configurable in the Keyboard system settings. Various options for mapping Caps Lock to Shift with locking are available:

enter image description here

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