Error saying "unable to update ICE authority" while booting

I often get an error saying

unable to update ICE authority.

Is there a way out of this?

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Solution 1

It’s possible that you were using a graphical application running as root that has updated your ICE Authority file with root permissions.

Try the following in a terminal session:

sudo chown $USER:$USER .ICEauthority
sudo chmod 0644 .ICEauthority

Solution 2

I found this was the cause of my issue, quoting bosniamaj

Error '' could not update ICEauthority file'' and '' problem in configuration server''

I know it’s been quite long when this question was submitted, but I had this problem today. I finally completely replaced my Win7 with Ubuntu 12.10 and this made me think about my decision.

But, after unsuccessfully trying many things I found on the internet, I found out with ls -l /home that the owner of my /home/username wasn’t username:username but something else.

So, I changed it with sudo chown username:username /home/username, hit ctrl+alt+F7 to go back to the ordinary login screen and logged in successfully.

I hope this can help you too, or anyone else who faces similar problems.

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