Custom shortcut Ctrl + Shift + Esc doesn't fire the event

For some reason my custom shortcut for the System Monitor that I created according to this instruction does not work.
Is there a default shortcut for System Monitor?

When I press it, it just does nothing. Any ideas?

My shortcut is ctrl+shift+esc.

Here is a screenshot:


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Solution 1

For some reason there is a problem using Esc key within Custom shortcuts. Here is the same (unanswered) question: Ubuntu 16.04 escape key doesn't work in custom keyboard shortcut. I found also this question: Keyboard shortcut Shift + Ctrl + Escape does not work, where in the comments @Cas says: I have opened a bug report: #1350527.

Мy suggestion is to use another key combination, for example Ctrl+Alt+Z, and command to be executed: gnome-system-monitor.

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