Conda hangs when installing new Python version

Some of the output of conda search python is:

# Name                       Version           Build  Channel             
python                         3.9.0 h2a148a8_4_cpython  conda-forge         
python                         3.9.0 h852b56e_1_cpython  conda-forge         
python                         3.9.0 h852b56e_2_cpython  conda-forge         
python                         3.9.0 h852b56e_3_cpython  conda-forge         
python                         3.9.0      hcff3b4d_1  pkgs/main           
python                         3.9.0      hdb3f193_2  pkgs/main           
python                         3.9.0 hffdb5ce_5_cpython  conda-forge         
python                         3.9.1      hdb3f193_2  pkgs/main           
python                         3.9.1 hffdb5ce_0_cpython  conda-forge         
python                         3.9.1 hffdb5ce_1_cpython  conda-forge         
python                         3.9.1 hffdb5ce_2_cpython  conda-forge         
python                         3.9.1 hffdb5ce_3_cpython  conda-forge         
python                         3.9.1 hffdb5ce_4_cpython  conda-forge         
python                         3.9.1 hffdb5ce_5_cpython  conda-forge         
python                         3.9.2      hdb3f193_0  pkgs/main           
python                         3.9.2 hffdb5ce_0_cpython  conda-forge         
python                         3.9.4      hdb3f193_0  pkgs/main           
python                         3.9.4 hffdb5ce_0_cpython  conda-forge         
python                         3.9.5      h12debd9_4  pkgs/main           
python                         3.9.5 h49503c6_0_cpython  conda-forge         
python                         3.9.5      hdb3f193_3  pkgs/main           
python                         3.9.6      h12debd9_0  pkgs/main           
python                         3.9.6      h12debd9_1  pkgs/main           
python                         3.9.6 h49503c6_0_cpython  conda-forge         
python                         3.9.6 h49503c6_1_cpython  conda-forge         
python                         3.9.7      h12debd9_1  pkgs/main           
python                         3.9.7 h49503c6_0_cpython  conda-forge         
python                         3.9.7 hb7a2778_1_cpython  conda-forge         
python                         3.9.7 hb7a2778_2_cpython  conda-forge         
python                         3.9.7 hb7a2778_3_cpython  conda-forge         
python                         3.9.7 hf930737_3_cpython  conda-forge         
python                         3.9.9 h543edf9_0_cpython  conda-forge         
python                         3.9.9 h62f1059_0_cpython  conda-forge         
python                        3.9.10 h85951f9_0_cpython  conda-forge         
python                        3.9.10 h85951f9_1_cpython  conda-forge         
python                        3.9.10 h85951f9_2_cpython  conda-forge         
python                        3.9.10 hc74c709_0_cpython  conda-forge         
python                        3.9.10 hc74c709_1_cpython  conda-forge         
python                        3.9.10 hc74c709_2_cpython  conda-forge

When I do conda install python=3.9 --channel conda-forge I get:

Collecting package metadata (current_repodata.json): done
Solving environment: failed with initial frozen solve. Retrying with flexible solve.
Solving environment: / failed with repodata from current_repodata.json, will retry with next repodata source.
Collecting package metadata (repodata.json): done
Solving environment: failed with initial frozen solve. Retrying with flexible solve.
Solving environment: \

It just hangs there. What to do?

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Solution 1

A work around is to create and activate a new virtual environment for conda:

conda create --name workaround
conda activate workaround

In the above example I used the name workaround for the new environment, but you can use any name you wish.

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