Can't log in to Ubuntu 19.10, freezes upon Ctrl+Alt+F3

I recently upgraded to 19.10 from 19.04.

Everything appeared to work correctly, however just last night I did a apt update/apt upgrade and some kernel updates occurred.

Now when I get to the login screen, I am unable to login. Upon entering the user password and hitting the login button, I am instantly sent back to the select user part of login.

Interestingly, if I use the GUI element to restart the computer, the warning shows that I am already logged in, even if I had not yet tried to log in after starting the computer.

Ctrl + Alt + F1F6 freezes the screen and I am unable to do anything. Although Ctrl+Alt+Delete still works to restart the machine.

Selecting the latest kernel recovery boot from the grub menu works fine and I am immediately put into a desktop session (i3) after auto login. Once booted into recovery mode apt update/apt upgrade and dpkg --configure -a report 0 changes.

Any ideas on how to debug/fix this? I have a suspicion that my account is auto logging in, but then I am somehow bumped to the Ubuntu login screen where the strange state is causing issues.

I have a i5-4460 CPU, MS H81M-E34 (MS-7817) Motherboard, and a Geforce GTX 1050Ti graphics card. I am using the nvidia-driver-430 package.

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Solution 1

Same here. I’ve ended up removing the Nvidia driver:

sudo apt remove nvidia-*

It’s not a full fix but at least I can log in again and get to a desktop.

Solution 2

Bug report:

Valtteri Vainikka (vrln) wrote on 2019-11-08:

I think Martin on to something concerning GRUB/Linux boot options,
more specifically the “splash” one. With testing-updates enabled what
currently happens for me:

If I set automatic login on I’m stuck with the standard infinite login
loop, but with the distinction that I can now no longer enter another
TTY via ctrl+alt+F3 for example to fix it straight away. The whole
system now just freezes, so I fixed it via recovery mode.

Out of curiosity I then went and disabled the following line in
/etc/default/grub and ran sudo update-grub:


Result: Automatic login now works perfectly, no issues anymore.

Another more radical approach is to disable auto-login.

NOTE: This grub config line keeps reappearing after some system updates that include a grub update, and you have to start again this process.

Solution 3

I have the exact same issue on my desktop. I fixed it like this:

  1. Uninstall the nvidia driver.

    I uninstalled cuda with 418 driver from cuda10 directory with uninstall script. and also from cuda10.1 directory. Then I used the script sudo apt remove nvidia-* to clean things up.

  2. Disable automatic login (even if you never enabled it, it is set to automatic in 19.10 for some reason). You can find this in System Settings → Detail → Users.

  3. Install the nvidia-435 driver from Additional Drivers.

  4. Reboot.

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