Brightness controls are not working in sony vaio with amd radeon hd 7650

I have a Sony Vaio SVE15116EN with AMD Radeon HD 7650 graphics card. I am currently using Ubuntu 12.10. My brightness controls are not working but sound controls are working fine. I have also tried proprietary drivers also but no luck. I have tried controlling brightness with terminal but it also did not work. Please can anyone tell me what can i do? I have been searching for the solution almost for a week. Any ideas?

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Solution 1

I found the solution:

  1. Download the amd radeon driver from here
  2. Run terminal and tupesudo apt-get install linux-headers-3.5.0-17-generic
  3. Go to directory where you have downloaded the zip file of driver which might be /home/your_username/Downloads. Extract the zip file there. You will see a .run file.
  4. Run command: sudo sh
  5. It will open the installer window. Now install the driver. After finishing it will ask you to reboot but don’t.
  6. Open a new terminal and type: sudo amdconfig --initial
  7. Now reboot your system. Your brightness control will work fine.

Solution 2

In case if you use radeon graphics this may help you

echo 200 | sudo tee /sys/class/backlight/radeon_bl0/brightness 

Solution 3

Found a yet better way to do this with GUI based installation method, worked well for my card ati card 7650 on sony vaio

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