Create a table from JSON completely dynamically

I want to create entire table from a JSON array include dynamic ths, so a decoupled the head part to:

import React from 'react';
import TableDataTR from './TableTRView';
const TableView = ({ thds, tableData }) => {
    if (!thds) {
        return <table></table>;
    return (
                        {, i) => <th key={i}>{}</th>)}
                <TableDataTR tableData={tableData}/>

export default TableView;

And the table prints the head part, but I am having trouble printing my tbody:

import React, { Component } from 'react';

class TableDataTR extends Component {
    render() {

       let rows =, index) =>{
            <tr key={index}>

        return (
export default TableDataTR;

Example data, table head

thds : [ { th: 'th1' },
        { th: 'th2' }]

tableData:[ { tdData1: 'somedata', tdData2: 'somedata2' },
            { tdData1: 'somedata', tdData2: 'somedata2' },]

The table head works fine, but the data inside tbody is not displaying at all.

The final goal is to get any 2 arrays and display the table accordingly.

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Solution 1

You need to access the table data using key name as

let rows =, index) => {
      return (
          { Object.keys(currElement).map((item) =>

Solution 2

There is a typo again in your <td>..</td> part, missing {} for your expression. For the dynamic solution after first map you need to map your Objects as well.

<tr key={index}>
            Object.keys(currElement).map(key => currElement[key])

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