Where to find php_printer.dll?

I have a class that makes use of the php_printer extension but I can’t find it anywhere and at php.net it says it’s currently unavailable. I googled it, but all I downloaded from other sites was not efficient. It seemed to me it was outdated. I copied the .dll file in the extensions folder and set the configuration in php.ini but I still couldn’t use its built-in functions.I have PHP 5.3.1 installed.

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Solution 1

Then you did not google very well. There still are repositories of precompiled binaries elsewhere:

Just saying it does not work is insufficient. I understand that compiling from source is effortful on Windows (pecl install printer given a proper compiler setup), but at the very least run the PHP interpreter on the commandline after editing the php.ini. It would give you a useful error message in case of linking errors, or none in case you edited the wrong config file. (Too few details to answer.)

See also: PHP 5.4.7 Compiling ext php_printer

Solution 2

download and unzip the extenssions file

Solution 3

http://downloads.php.net/pierre/ appears to have one that dates to 2010.

I’d consider looking for some other solution though, it doesn’t look like a very widely supported extension and it’s not been updated for at least a year.

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