Use custom delimiters in the current Twig template

I use Twig to generate LaTeX documents. Twig’s default delimiter syntax clashes badly with LaTeX’s curly braces. Simply escaping LaTeX is no option as it makes the code completely unreadable. I know I can define custom delimiters globally, but I don’t want to rewrite all of my HTML templates to use the new syntax.

I also know about verbatim sections but those make the code truly ugly:

{% endverbatim %}
{{ title }}
{% verbatim %}

Is there a way I can change the syntax for just the current template or a set of templates, something like:

{% set_delimiters({
    'tag_comment'  : ['<%#', '%>'],
    'tag_block'    : ['<%' , '%>'],
    'tag_variable' : ['<%=', '%>'],
    'interpolation': ['#<' , '>']
}) %}

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Solution 1

As you can see, it’s not recommanded to use this feature Customizing the Syntax

BTW here’s a quick and easy example to explain how to use custom delimiters in symfony:


        public: true
        parent: templating.engine.twig
        class:  Acme\YourBundle\Twig\TwigLexerEngine


namespace Acme\YourBundle\Twig;

use Symfony\Bundle\TwigBundle\TwigEngine;

class TwigLexerEngine extends TwigEngine
    public function setTwigLexer($lexer)

         return $this;

Your controller

public function yourAction()
    $lexer = new \Twig_Lexer($this->get('twig'), array(
        'tag_comment'  => array('{*', '*}'),
        'tag_block'    => array('{', '}'),
        'tag_variable' => array('{$', '}'),

    $templating = $this->get('templating_lexer');

    return $templating->renderResponse('YourBundle::template.html.twig');

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