Send email with attachments in PHP?

How can I send emails with attachments with a PHP script?

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Solution 1

I recommend using PHPMailer.

Solution 2

Use SwiftMailer.

$message = new Swift_Message("My subject");

$message->attach(new Swift_Message_Part("Attached txt file"));
$message->attach(new Swift_Message_Attachment(new Swift_File("filename.txt"), "filename.txt", "text/txt"));

$swift->send($message, "[email protected]", "[email protected]");

Solution 3

I would recommend that you take a look at some of the PHP PEAR packages designed for sending emails. I know that some PHP programmers like reinventing the wheel, but take a look at the packages. They are easy to use and implement and you should have no problem finding help.

Here is a link:

You may want to use the go-pear.php script to install the packages. It will make life a lot easier.

Solution 4

If you simply want a php function, you can use this mail_file function:

To send files you have to base64 encode the file and use the “header” parameter of the php mail function.

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