reading docx (Office Open XML) in PHP

I want to add an word import function to our CMS, the only problem I cannot seems to find a good library for reading docx files (Word 2007).

Do anyone has some recommendations, the library should be able to extract content of the document and basic styling like italic, bold, superscript?

Thanks for your help

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Solution 1

docx files are actually just containers for the document’s XML. You should be able to unzip the docx file and then go to the word folder inside, then to the document.xml. This has the actual text. But things like the fonts and styles are in other xml files in the docx container, so you’ll probably want to mess around a bit and figure out what is what and how to match it up (start by using namespaces, I bet).

But yea, unzip the file, then use simplexml to convert it into something you can actually mess around with.

Solution 2

PHPDocX PRO includes a TransformDoc class that can read .docx (zip) files and generate XHTML (or PDF) from it:

require_once 'phpdocx_pro/classes/';
$doc = new TransformDoc();
$html = $doc->getStrXHTML();

Solution 3

There is a library to do this but it works with Zend framework may be it will help you
It is called phpLiveDocx :
The library is licensed under New Bcd

Solution 4

I have just find a library that has both reading and writing support check it on the codeplex forge and it is licensed under GPLv2 .

Solution 5

Or, since you requested a library, you may want to look into something like Docvert. I was just looking around based on your question, and it’s my favorite so far for PHP. You input the word file location, it transforms it into something simple with the attributes and all that good stuff.

Solution 6

Convert a docx document to a odt using OpenOffice. Use then eZ Components to do the parsing and import. They actually use the import in their CMZ eZ Publish.

Solution 7

Here is a simple working solution I found

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