php, mysqli-stmt.bind-param]: Number of elements in type definition string doesn't match number of bind variables

    // if the 'id' variable is not set in the URL, we must be creating a new record
            // if the form's submit button is clicked, we need to process the form
            if (isset($_POST['submit']))
                    // get the form data

                            $mtcn = htmlentities($_POST['mtcn'], ENT_QUOTES);
                            $amount = htmlentities($_POST['amount'], ENT_QUOTES);
                            $currency = htmlentities($_POST['currency'], ENT_QUOTES);
                            $sender_name = htmlentities($_POST['sender_name'], ENT_QUOTES);
                            $sender_country = htmlentities($_POST['sender_country'], ENT_QUOTES);
                            $receiver_name = htmlentities($_POST['receiver_name'], ENT_QUOTES);
                            $comment = htmlentities($_POST['comment'], ENT_QUOTES);
                            $support = htmlentities($_POST['support'], ENT_QUOTES);
                            $email = htmlentities($_POST['email'], ENT_QUOTES);

                    // check that mtcn and amount  are both not empty
                    if ($mtcn == '' || $amount == '')
                            // if they are empty, show an error message and display the form
                            $error = 'ERROR: Please fill in all required fields!';
                            renderForm($mtcn, $amount, $currency, $sender_name, $sender_country, $receiver_name, $comment, $support, $email, $error);
                            // insert the new record into the database
                            if ($stmt = $mysqli->prepare("INSERT date (mtcn, amount, currency, sender_name, sender_country, receiver_name, comment, support, email) VALUES (?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?)"))
                                    $stmt->bind_param("ss", $mtcn, $amount, $currency, $sender_name, $sender_country, $receiver_name, $comment, $support, $email);
                            // show an error if the query has an error
                                    echo "ERROR: Could not prepare SQL statement.";

                            // redirec the user
                         //   header("Location: view.php");

            // if the form hasn't been submitted yet, show the form

    // close the mysqli connection

When I run the script I’m getting the error:

Warning: mysqli_stmt::bind_param() [mysqli-stmt.bind-param]: Number of
elements in type definition string doesn’t match number of bind
variables in C:\wamp\www\records.php on line 205

Warning: mysqli_stmt::execute() [mysqli-stmt.execute]: (HY000/2031):
No data supplied for parameters in prepared statement in
C:\wamp\www\records.php on line 206

Any idea how I can fix it ? I counted the parameters from bind_param and they seem fine for me …

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Solution 1

I think you need more ‘s’-es in this?

 $stmt->bind_param("ss", $mtcn, $amount, $currency, $sender_name, $sender_country, $receiver_name, $comment, $support, $email);

try this (asuming they’re all strings)

 $stmt->bind_param("sssssssss", $mtcn, $amount, $currency, $sender_name, $sender_country, $receiver_name, $comment, $support, $email);

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