php converting formatted int to int

Sorry for asking this but, I cant found a solution that will get this -> 7,000 to 7000.

I’m using intval() and number_format() but it will just give me 7 not 7000.

$myVal = '7,000';
echo intval($myVal);

this returns 7

same goes with number_format()

what am I doing wrong?

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Solution 1

If you are using PHP >= 5.3 (or have the “intl” extension installed, with at least version 1.0) then you could also use the NumberFormatter class to parse a locale-specific number.

$myVal = '7,000';
$nf = new NumberFormatter("en_EN", NumberFormatter::DECIMAL);

var_dump($nf->parse($myVal, NumberFormatter::TYPE_INT32));

# output: int(7000)

If you’re using a PHP-version less than 5.3 you’re better of using @KevinS. solution.

Solution 2

intval() won’t work with the string you have because of the comma. You can remove the comma by using str_replace() and then calling intval() like so:

echo intval(str_replace(',', '', $myVal))

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