pass php variable value to javascript

Im trying to pass the value of a php variable into javascript but i just cant get it to work. Am I doing anything wrong? Below is the line of code I’m working with.

var dist = parseInt("<?php echo json_encode($distance); ?>");

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Solution 1

$distance is an integer? why don’t you just write

var dist = <?php echo $distance; ?>

Solution 2

If the value in $distance is just an integer, you don’t need the json_encode call. You can just do a php echo of $distance.

Something like

var dist = <?php echo $distance; ?>;

Solution 3

if you right click > view html source in your web browser, you would see for yourself that you have an extra set of quotes.

And, good for you for using json_encode() to output it as a string. That’s an excellent way to safely output a value to javascript. although, if its an integer, theres no need here.

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