MySQLi not found error

I just deployed my website to a staging environment and am getting the following error:

Fatal error: Class 'mysqli' not found in D:\ClientSites\\www\new\php\db.php on line 11

At first I assumed that MySQLI was simply not installed, but running a phpinfo() reveals the following:

enter image description here

To me it looks like MySQLI is installed (though I could be reading this wrong). What should I do?


class DB
    public static function GetConnection()

(line 11 is the return new mysql(...);)


I added extension=php_mysqli.dll to my php.ini located at /Windows/php.ini (according to phpinfo(), this is the one being loaded):

Loaded Configuration File   C:\WINDOWS\php.ini

But the error persists. I know that mysqli.dll exists at C:\php\ext – because I can see the file. What now?

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Solution 1

I got the error corrected by enabling/editing the following config in php.ini:

1st (uncomment and add config):

include_path = "C:\php\includes"

2nd (uncomment):

extension_dir = "ext"

3rd (uncomment and edit config):


Solution 2

Make sure is enabled under php.ini just find php_mysqli.dll and remove semi-colon and restart apache

Solution 3

Christian Mark is right but I think it need:

4rd Copy php.ini to “C:\Windows”. On my computer, need copy it to “C:\Windows”, Because phpinfo() output “Configuration File (php.ini) Path: C:\Windows” and “Loaded Configuration File: C:\Windows\php.ini”

5rd login out Computer and login in.

Then it work for me.

If I don’t do 4,5rd, It’s also don’t work for me, the phpinfo output include_path is not my configured. and extension_di also not. run the test also not work.

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