How to convert preg_replace e to preg_replace_callback?

Okay, so I’m slightly confused. Here is the code I have now, but I just found out the e modifier is deprecated. How do I convert it to a preg_replace_callback()? I still haven’t figured it out.

$post = preg_replace("/\[code\]([^] )\[\/code\]/e", 'code(\'$1\')', $post);

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Solution 1

If memory serves, preg_replace_callback() gives you the results of a $match from preg_match() as input, and expects the final result as output. So you’d need to write a function that returns e.g. "code('{$match[1]}')".

It can be an inline function, naturally, if php 5.3 is an option:

preg_replace_callback($regex, function($match) {
  // do stuff
  return $stuff;
}, $subject);

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