How can clear screen in php cli (like cls command)

When PHP script run from command line (windows) , how can clear the console screen from script .

for example :

    // sleep for 10 seconds , then clear the console

    // below command execute to clear the console windows

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Solution 1

If you did not have any luck with the solutions above, consider the following

echo chr(27).chr(91).'H'.chr(27).chr(91).'J';   //^[H^[J  

Hope it will help.

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Solution 2

For Windows users :


For Linux users :


Solution 3

Found a solution, that works in both cmd and GitBash. However, this is the ugliest implementation of clearing console-screen I can think of. Pity, that there isn’t any working alternative.

The “magic” is to… poke console with fifty new-lines, like that:

public function clearStdin()
    for ($i = 0; $i < 50; $i++) echo "\r\n";

This is a modified (fixed?) version of this non-working (for me) post from 2006.

Solution 4

You can do this by using:



Edit: As trejder says this solution is only for supported platforms, it seems windows is not one of them.

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