Get last word from URL after a slash in PHP

I need to get the very last word from an URL. So for example I have the following URL:

I need to get with PHP only “test”, nothing else. I tried to use something like this:

$words = explode(' ', $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']);
$showword = trim($words[count($words) - 1], '/');
echo $showword;

It does not work for me. Can you help me please?

Thank you so much!!

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Solution 1

Use basename with parse_url:

echo basename(parse_url($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'], PHP_URL_PATH));

Solution 2

by using regex:

preg_match("/[^\/]+$/", "", $matches);
$last_word = $matches[0]; // test

Solution 3

I used this:

$lastWord = substr($url, strrpos($url, '/') + 1);

Thnx to:

Solution 4

You can use explode but you need to use / as delimiter:

$segments = explode('/', $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']);

Note that $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] can contain the query string if the current URI has one. In that case you should use parse_url before to only get the path:


And to take trailing slashes into account, you can use rtrim to remove them before splitting it into its segments using explode. So:

$segments = explode('/', rtrim($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI_PATH'], '/'));

Solution 5

To do that you can use explode on your REQUEST_URI.I’ve made some simple function:

function getLast()
    $requestUri = $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'];

   # Remove query string
    $requestUri = trim(strstr($requestUri, '?', true), '/');
   # Note that delimeter is '/'
    $arr = explode('/', $requestUri);
    $count = count($arr);

    return $arr[$count - 1];

echo getLast();

Solution 6

If you don’t mind a query string being included when present, then just use basename. You don’t need to use parse_url as well.

$url = '';
$showword = basename($url);
echo htmlspecialchars($showword);

When the $url variable is generated from user input or from $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']; before using echo use htmlspecialchars or htmlentities, otherwise users could add html tags or run JavaScript on the webpage.

Solution 7

use preg*

if ( preg_match( "~/(.*?)$~msi", $_SERVER[ "REQUEST_URI" ], $vv ))
 echo $vv[1];
 echo "Nothing here";

this was just idea of code. It can be rewriten in function.

PS. Generally i use mod_rewrite to handle this… ans process in php the $_GET variables.
And this is good practice, IMHO

Solution 8

ex: $url      = '';
$url      = "http://$_SERVER[HTTP_HOST]$_SERVER[REQUEST_URI]";
$url_path = parse_url($url, PHP_URL_PATH);
$basename = pathinfo($url_path, PATHINFO_BASENAME);
// **output**: $basename is "ADU0QnQ4eDs"

complete solution you will get in the below link. i just found to Get last word from URL after a slash in PHP.

Get last parameter of url in php

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