Changing ereg_replace to equivalent preg_replace

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How can I convert ereg expressions to preg in PHP?

What is the equivalent using preg_replace to the following expression?

ereg_replace('^' . $g_lang_prefix, '', $t_var );

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Solution 1

preg_replace('/^' . preg_quote($g_lang_prefix,'/') . '/', '', $t_var );

If you need $g_lang_prefix working as a common regex then omit preg_quote

preg_replace('/^' . $g_lang_prefix . '/', '', $t_var );

(quite obvious)

Also if you need this second solution, but your $g_lang can contain even this char / then you need to escape at least it:

preg_replace('/^' . str_replace('/','\/',$g_lang_prefix) . '/', '', $t_var );

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