array_push() with key value pair

I have an existing array to which I want to add a value.

I’m trying to achieve that using array_push() to no avail.

Below is my code:

$data = array(
    "dog" => "cat"

array_push($data['cat'], 'wagon');

What I want to achieve is to add cat as a key to the $data array with wagon as value so as to access it as in the snippet below:

echo $data['cat']; // the expected output is: wagon

How can I achieve that?

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Solution 1

So what about having:


Solution 2

If you need to add multiple key=>value, then try this.

$data = array_merge($data, array("cat"=>"wagon","foo"=>"baar"));

Solution 3

$data['cat'] = 'wagon';

That’s all you need to add the key and value to the array.

Solution 4

You don’t need to use array_push() function, you can assign new value with new key directly to the array like..

$array = array("color1"=>"red", "color2"=>"blue");


     [color1] => red
     [color2] => blue
     [color3] => green

Solution 5

For Example:

$data = array('firstKey' => 'firstValue', 'secondKey' => 'secondValue');

For changing key value:

$data['firstKey'] = 'changedValue'; 
//this will change value of firstKey because firstkey is available in array


Array ( [firstKey] => changedValue [secondKey] => secondValue )

For adding new key value pair:

$data['newKey'] = 'newValue'; 
//this will add new key and value because newKey is not available in array


Array ( [firstKey] => firstValue [secondKey] => secondValue [newKey] => newValue )

Solution 6

Array[‘key’] = value;

$data['cat'] = 'wagon';

This is what you need.
No need to use array_push() function for this.
Some time the problem is very simple and we think in complex way 🙂 .

Solution 7

$data = ['name' => 'Bilal', 'education' => 'CS']; 
$data['business'] = 'IT';  //append new value with key in array


    [name] => Bilal
    [education] => CS
    [business] => IT

Solution 8

Just do that:

$data = [
    "dog" => "cat"

array_push($data, ['cat' => 'wagon']);

*In php 7 and higher, array is creating using [], not ()

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