Sequelize update does not work anymore: "Missing where attribute in the options parameter passed to update"

The official API documentation suggests using Model.update like this:

var gid = ...;
var uid = ...;

var values = { gid: gid };
var where = { uid: uid };
myModel.update(values, where)
.then(function() {
    // update callback

But this gives me: “Missing where attribute in the options parameter passed to update”.
The docs also mention that this usage is deprecated. Seeing this error makes me think, they already changed it. What am I doing wrong?

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Solution 1

Apparently, the docs have not been updated yet. But the table’s where row of the Model.update API docs suggests prefixing your selection with where, like so:

var gid = ...;
var uid = ...;

var values = { 
var selector = { 
  where: {
await myModel.update(values, selector);
// done!

And it works!


The docs have since been updated (and the docs have also been moved). Check out Model.update on Note that options.where is not optional (it is not in brackets []).

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