Replace string in a text file in node.js

I am using node.js. I want to read a file with some placeholder strings and replace them dynamically before I serve the file. This is not an HTML file, so a templating engine will not work.

How can I do this?

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Solution 1

If a template engine is overkill just use string.replace().

temp = "Hello %NAME%, would you like some %DRINK%?";

temp = temp.replace("%NAME%","Michael Dillon");
temp = temp.replace("%DRINK%","tea");

With only a bit more work you could make a general purpose template function based on just the standard methods in the String object.

Solution 2

Templating engines are not only for html. If you are using Express, for instance, you can set your own headers and specify a content-type:


var foo = "{{ bar }}";


app.get('/file.js', function(req, res, next) {
  res.render('templateName', {
    locals: {bar: 'quux'},
    headers: {'content-type': 'text/javascript'}

Will yield:

var foo = "quux";

If you are not using Express, you can just render the template and send the response with any content-type you like.

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