npm install save by default

It happened too many times that I forgot to add --save when installing node modules. Is there a way to append this option by default? So that whenever I type npm install <package> the package is added to dependencies in package.json.

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Solution 1

From npm5 , npm will save by default .

Solution 2

I found out that npm has configuration flags. Setting save=true does exactly what I need. You can add it to .npmrc file (in user’s home directory) or invoke a command:

npm config set save=true

Solution 3


make an alias inside ~/.bash_profile

alias npmi="npm install --save"
//shorter version
alias npmi="npm i -S"

then just type, so that it will automatically save it to package json

npmi mongoose


same thing, make alias, read more here

doskey npmi=npm i -S $*

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