NodeJS jenkins plugin broken?

I have just installed the NodeJS plugin on Jenkins 1.526

but on the master configuration the NodeJS auto-installer does not show up, is this plugin outdated?

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Solution 1

works for me, but i had to restart the server for the option to appear

I see the option here: /jenkins/configure

my steps:

a) install this as normal

b) then you go to the configure page


c) NodeJS option should be under maven/git and ant installation options

d) Create NodeJS installiation

NodeJS- > NodeJS installations -> Add NodeJS -> Name = “NodeJS 0.11.10”, tick “Install automatically”, select “Install from”, add “grunt-cli” to globally installed packages

e) Create a job and nodejs shell should be available as a build task “Execute NodeJS script”

eg do this for a simple hello world example, with echo hello world onto jenkins job output

var sys = require('sys');
sys.puts('NodeJS Test');

Solution 2

Disable on JENKINS_HOME/configureSecurity “Cross site request forgery” attack check

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